Women's Outdoor


MAY 24-26, 2019

PRICE:  $239


If you love the outdoors or want to love them more; If you are a closet stunt woman or just wanting to try a few new experiences, then this all inclusive weekend is for you!


All women, 18 years and older, from every walk of life and every stage of their journey, are welcome.


Whether you just want to walk the trails or challenge your abilities, this fun, relaxing atmosphere will enable you to do both!


This is a 'choose your own adventure' weekend, where you are given the chance to participate in 4 workshops that are 3 hours each.


Your pre-selected workshops will give you all the information you need to feel safe and succeed! You will choose them when you register for this fabulous weekend.


A worthwhile women’s weekend away must recharge your batteries, so this one includes amazing meals that you don’t cook, comfortable accommodations that you don’t clean, and Christian renewal that will be from a biblical perspective.


All you have to do is bring your pillow, sleeping bag, towels, and sense of adventure!


How to Register

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Weekend start time:

11:00 AM Friday, May 24.

Lunch on Friday is included.

P.O. Box 374 Mesachie Lake, B.C. Canada V0R 2N0

Telephone B.C. only 1-800-445-7575 Outside B.C. 250-749-6606