Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I live?


Students will enjoy accommodations together in a large, comfortable home in nearby Lake Cowichan within a few minutes drive of Camp Imadene, where they will spend most evenings and weekends, together with the Auxano Director and his wife and Auxano Assistant. Weekdays are spent at the camp, where students will enjoy lunch and dinner and have access to Imadene's great facilities. This helps students keep their feet on the ground in both the Imadene community and the community at large, opening opportunities for ministry in both worlds.

What will the meals be like?


All students take turns working together to make and serve meals for the whole student group, with the guidance of our Food Services manager or other staff member, in the main camp kitchen and dining hall, or at Auxano House. Students also have their turn cleaning up and washing dishes for most meals, and sometimes for a guest group. You will gain food service skills, and we will do our best to make sure that you eat well.

What is the schedule like?


Monday to Friday is devoted to the two key elements of the Auxano program: biblical training and service. You may have classes for three to six hours in a day, or classes in the morning and service around the camp in the afternoon, or a full day of service. Courses range from one to five days in duration. In addition, the schedule integrates prayer times, recreational activities, community events and free time. Your week will be full, but the pace will be relaxed. Hey, it's Imadene! A detailed weekly schedule is usually available four weeks in advance.

What are the challenges?


You will be living among a small community of students and staff in a fairly isolated valley on Vancouver Island. The location is high enough to create a climate that is cooler and damper than the weather in Victoria or Nanaimo. You will discuss issues you have never wrestled with before, and will take on tasks and projects that are all new to you. Expect a challenging and fulfilling year of stepping outside your boundaries, of learning and trying new things!

What happens on weekends?


We realize that many Auxano students live on Vancouver Island and have family, friends and interests in a community nearby. Just as if you were moving away to college or a program off the Island, we expect that you will move to Imadene and make it your permanent location for the 8 months. Although weekends are often free time, we encourage you to stay and take the opportunity to build community here with staff and students, and we expect you to join us at a local church service on Sundays. There are some weekends when you will help with an Imadene retreat or guest group or an Auxano activity. There will be a "long weekend" about once a month, and we ask that you plan visits at home for those weekends.

What church will I attend?


Students attend New Life Community Church in Duncan, which has a large, active community and trusted teaching, and is great at welcoming students into their life and ministry. There is opportunity to be involved with kids ministry or worship team Sunday mornings, or a Sunday afternoon children’s ministry in one of the local First Nations communities.  Students have also been involved in a teen drop-in at a church in Lake Cowichan.

Do I have any free time?


Of course! Not only do we plan down time into the schedule for the purpose of class reflection and quiet time with God, you will also have much opportunity to enjoy one other or spend time alone. Most days, you will have a planned schedule from 8:30am until about 6:30pm. Your evenings will be mostly yours to enjoy. Students in the past have become involved with drop-in hockey, volleyball, skating and other events in the local community.

What is there to do at Imadene?


The best assets we have at Imadene are great people and a beautiful property. You will enjoy getting to know the Imadene full-time staff and their families, and will discover that they are a fun and creative crew. There is much opportunity right on the property for hiking, outdoor and indoor sports, and just hanging out with fellow students. If you love people and the glory of God's creation, you will have a great time at Imadene.

What does the surrounding area have to offer?


The Cowichan Valley ("The Warm Land") abounds with natural beauty: lakes and rivers, mountains and forests of huge trees and lots of wildlife. In addition, most of the services you are used to are nearby, from shopping to health care to recreational activities and Tim Hortons. Most shopping is a 10 minute walk from Auxano House, and Duncan is a 30 minute drive. The major centers of Victoria and Nanaimo are just an hour and a half away.

Will we have homework?


We expect all of the classes and teaching times to be intense times of learning, and most of the assignments are completed within these times. However, there are several well-respected books to read and review, and you will also complete a weekly learning journal (on paper or as a blog) where the events and lessons of your day will be recorded and reviewed by fellow students and staff. Homework will not be an overwhelming part of your week.

Is there access to laundry facilities?


Definitely. Washers and dryers are available for student use at no additional charge at their residence and onsite at Imadene. Students provide their own laundry soap and other supplies.

What should I bring?


You will be given a full list upon acceptance. You are welcome to bring optional items such as a bike, sports equipment and vehicle, though we ask that you not bring dirt bikes or ATVs. A laptop computer or tablet are not essential but can be helpful for class notes and personal communication (wi-fi is provided). A computer and printer are available for general student use. Cell phones are not entirely reliable on the Imadene property, but there are pay phones that can be used with calling cards. Insurance for personal items is your responsibility.

Are pets allowed?


Because of health and community living concerns, we do not permit students to bring pets with them.  However, Auxano House does have a friendly dog named Barkley to hang out with.


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Telephone B.C. only 1-800-445-7575 Outside B.C. 250-749-6606