8 Months at Imadene!

If you are 17 - 23 years of age, consider entering the incredible setting of Camp Imadene from this September through April to learn and practice discipleship through biblical training and service!



Become more and more like Jesus, and join him in his work in the world! Not only will you learn about following Jesus here, but you will also have an opportunity to practice your discipleship while doing life together.



God has drawn together a wonderful nurturing community at Camp Imadene, and for eight months you get to immerse yourself in it! Prayer, mentorship, practical training, mutual encouragement and serving together creates a superb environment for spiritual growth, and acts as a springboard for life back in the world.


Biblical Teaching

Biblical studies, spiritual disciplines, theology, current issues, leadership, stewardship, Christian worldview - all are taught by qualified teachers from the perspective of what God says in the Bible about life in our world.



Following Jesus means that students come here to serve, not be served. You will have opportunity to practice his attitude at Imadene and in the world. From prepping for Imadene retreats and guest groups, to serving in a ministry at a local church, you will learn the practice of following Jesus with a servant's heart!



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Solid Biblical Teaching

The Bible is God’s self-expression by which he teaches, cautions, corrects and trains us to live rightly. We have invited gifted teachers, most from churches on the Island, to help you understand the word of God so that you will learn to trust and obey him.


These are the areas of study you can expect:


  • Biblical Studies: Exegetical studies in the Pentateuch, Samuel, Psalms, the Gospels, Acts and the Letters of Paul, plus the principles of biblical interpretation.
  • Spiritual Disciplines: Including discipleship, intercessory prayer, worship, reflection and confession.
  • Theology: Specific topics such as the character of God, godliness, revelation, sin and salvation, and Christian community.
  • Leadership: Including servant-leadership, conflict resolution, responsibility and decision-making.
  • Stewardship: Discussions on spiritual gifts, giving, serving, church involvement, camp ministry, evangelism and missions, social justice and environmental studies.
  • Christian Worldview: Philosophy, social understanding, and preparation for life in the world where Christ sends us.


Courses are taught from the perspective of what God says in the Bible about life in our world. Most courses range from three to four days of interactive discussion, accommodating a variety of learning styles. The small group atmosphere ensures the opportunity to be heard and to ask your teachers the tough questions. You will receive more hours of instruction than in a typical year at Bible college! Columbia Bible College offers seven credits (worth over $2300) and Pacific Life Bible College offers nine credits (worth over $1600) to graduates of Auxano who are accepted to their programs.


Most assignments are completed in class, but also include reading and reviewing several highly respected Christian books, and maintaining a learning journal or blog on a weekly basis.


Current teachers include: Paul Zalinko,  Jim Badke, Ken Nettleton, Randy Hein, Danny Badke, James Prette, Tim Parker, Troy Dunham, Dave Jones, Tom & Joyce Hilchie, Justin Lenny, Tara Teng, and Glen & Deanna Kyle.


In addition to biblical classes, you will enjoy having the time and space for individual Bible study, devotions and prayer, as well as group times of telling our stories and praying for one another and the needs of the world.


You will also have opportunity to meet regularly with an Imadene staff or community member who will mentor, encourage and challenge you.


There will be training and experience in various camp program and maintenance areas, such as operation of the climbing wall and challenge course, facility cleaning and food preparation.




Receive college Credits

Auxano Graduates

Receive 7 credits towards programs at

Worth over $2300


Auxano Graduates

Receive 9 credits towards programs at

Worth over $1600

Great Opportunities for Service

As a member of the Camp Imadene staff community, you will have many opportunities as a trainee to build into the ministry of Imadene through practical service and leadership.


Imadene Retreats and Events

Come alongside fulltime staff to welcome campers back to Imadene. Any time Camp Imadene puts on an event or weekend retreat, you are part of the team making it happen! Serve in various program opportunities and support areas such as janitorial and food services – before, during and after the event.


Guest Group Programming

Several times a year, groups from local churches and schools stay at Imadene and do their own programs. You will have opportunity to bless these groups through hosting, clean-up and food service responsibilities.


Use Your Training

Put into practice the training you receive in various camp program areas, such as belaying at the climbing wall and assisting with rappelling, challenge course, team-building facilitation, canoe instruction and lifeguarding.


Participate in School and Church Visits

Help invite Vancouver Island communities to experience Camp Imadene! Come along to represent the ministry of Camp Imadene to potential campers, students and supporters in local churches, youth groups, community events and schools.


Engage in Community Service Projects

We want you to become aware of the many other ministries taking place on the Island, and you will have opportunity to come alongside them as Imadene volunteers.


Consider Summer Ministry

For Imadene, summer is the big event, when we welcome hundreds of children, teens and adults to enjoy this place and learn to love Jesus. There are several full-time summer positions you may want to apply for, and weekly opportunities in every area of the camp. However, there is neither an obligation to serve in the summer nor a guarantee of a summer staff position.


Ministry Trips

In the fall, students come alongside several of the ministries that serve people who are homeless in Victoria for a week. In the spring, students have spent a week helping ministries such as Copper Island Camp in Barkley Sound.




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The Leadership Team

It takes a whole community to make a disciple! The Imadene staff and their families, as well as teachers and leaders from the local community, will all be involved with Auxano students through mentorship, hospitality, supervision and participation in activities.


Director of Auxano

Jim Badke has served for six years at Camp Imadene, coming  from over 40 years of ministry experience in church, camp and school settings. He oversees and leads the program, giving direction to the year of discipleship, and does some of the teaching.  There may also be an Auxano Assistant to come alongside students and help make their experience great.  He and his wife Sarah (and the Assistant) live with the students in Auxano House in the town of Lake Cowichan.



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Telephone B.C. only 1-800-445-7575 Outside B.C. 250-749-6606